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The Global Education Coalition is a network of NYC-based organizations whose primary objective is to support educators in the New York metropolitan area in creating globally competent youth for tomorrow's future.

Global Resource List for PASE Explorers

PASE LogoGlobal Resource List for PASE Explorers

The resources listed were compiled for PASE Explorers. PASE Explorers engages youth from 4th to 6th grade in global learning through local exploration. Learn more on our WEBSITE

United Nations Foundation

Model UN App

Engage students in experiential learning using the four pre-installed Model UN mini-simulations. Mini –simulations borrow the best of Model UN and are scaled to one 60 minute class period. Topics include the Zombie Pandemic, Climate Change, Globalization and the Eradication of Extreme Poverty. Keep your students informed on global affairs with access to real time information from the United Nations and the US State Department. Learn about Model UN and how to prepare and participate in conferences all over the world. Access other teaching materials under the heading “resources”.

Economics of Globalization Financial Literacy Curriculum, Mini-Sims and Student Readers

Aligned to Common Core and standards for global competence, teach students financial literacy, trade, economics and globalization through this interactive curriculum. Each section includes a student reader and culminates with a mini-simulation.  Use the curriculum as it is outlined, or pick and choose what pieces to use with your students and when. A great resource to develop critical thinking, cross cultural understanding, conflict resolution, public speaking and other skills necessary for college and career success.

UNICEF Global Citizenship resources

Notable resources for grades 4-6 on the topics of environmental sustainability and water & sanitation

For readings, lessons, and activities on more topical issues, our Global Citizenship Briefs on Syria and the Philippines

The TeachUNICEF online library

Includes many global learning resources for this age group. You can find resources by age or by topic.

City Lore

City Lore has a giant library of multicultural stories at the space and gallery that any teacher can make an appointment to look through and borrow from. There is info about the library and a bunch of other resources on the website.

City Lore education newsletter “CARTS” It isn’t all archived online, but I think all copies are digitized, and teachers can always request back issues from City Lore.

Reach the World

Reach the World’s GeoGames and the world geography mapping rubric are powerful teaching tools that turn geography instruction into an interactive, assessment tool for the classroom. Players construct an accurate rendition of Planet Earth’s major geographic features, along with a printable map. Easy to set up for the individual student or the entire class. Based on studies by researchers at Teachers College, Columbia University, this digital media teaching tool is a proven way to teach geography quickly and effectively.

Penpal Schools

Want to connect your students to learn with PenPals from around the world? Our curriculum-guided exchanges are aligned to academic standards, so students can practice core reading and writing skills while discovering other cultures and exchanging perspectives!


Global resources from GEC-NYC

Tanenbaum- World Olympics

My Traditions

Lesson Overview: Students interview their families about an important holiday or tradition and create poems about these celebrations to the accompaniment of handmade musical instruments.

Olympic Nutrition

Lesson Overview:  Children learn about dietary requirements and preferences and the food pyramid.  They will create healthy snacks for their class that everyone can enjoy.  This lesson illustrates that though we all have different food requirements and preferences, we can all enjoy a meal together.

Also, check out this page if you’re interested in grades 4-6 lesson plans from other curricula.

Global Campaign for Education- Lesson for All curriculum

Helps 4-6th graders grasp and deal with the issue of the right to an education globally and the struggle that girls and boys go through to get an education.  This curriculum was developed by Donna Román who is a teacher in Illinois active in iEARN for our Global Campaign for Education-US:

Asia Society- Expanding Horizons Toolkit

Broken down into sections for trainers, program directors and school leaders and also has links to the Global Learning in Afterschool Self-Assessment Tool (which uses the same format as the NYSAN QSA).

Expanding Horizons: Building Global Literacy in Afterschool Programs

Global Oneness Project offers a free multimedia education platform, producing and curating stories since 2006. Global Oneness Project feature films, photography, and essays with the focus on the arts, culture, and the environment. In the fall, Global Oneness Project will re-launch their site to include free lesson plans to accompany their stories for high school and college educators that align with the Common Core, College, Career, Civic Life for Social Studies and Next Generation Science Standards.

Check out the Global Oneness Project website, full of high quality short films and lesson plans to engage students.

Check out their overview deck / sample lessons and media for reference or view their latest short film-

Who Speaks Wukchumni?, which premiered August 19th, 2014, in the New York Times.

More resource links-

Along the Silk Road

Choices Program – go to “curriculum” tab on left menu

Foundations, Inc. Global Graffiti Wall – go to “online store – graffiti wall set”

Global Classroom 

Global Concerns Classroom – go to “resources” tab

Global Dimension (geared towards UK teachers)

Hello Little World Skypers 

NAA “Around the World” Pinterest page – go to “curricula – catalog” tab

New Global Citizens (has an afterschool program)

New York State’s Global Learning Guide: Exploring the World After School

Primary Source’s global education 

Project Explorer (videos and lesson plans)

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF – go to “explore” tab

List of websites-

Making Maps resources- Out of Eden Walk


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