Global Education Coalition NYC

The Global Education Coalition is a network of NYC-based organizations whose primary objective is to support educators in the New York metropolitan area in creating globally competent youth for tomorrow's future.

Globalizing Classrooms — New Issue of Connect: Intercultural Insights for Global Citizens

Dear readers,

AFS Intercultural Programs is happy to share with you the latest issue of the Connect: Intercultural Insights for Global Citizens, the digital magazine of AFS Intercultural Programs. In this issue, we tackle the topic of globalizing classrooms, offering insights into how and why intercultural and global education can be introduced into classrooms.


In the lead article of the latest Connect discover how to integrate intercultural learning in your classroom in six steps. Read about how global competence can be measured and what schools, educators, AFS and other global education advocates can do to improve the development of global competence in our interview with Andreas Schleicher, the Director for the Directorate for Education and Skills at OECD and coordinator of PISA. Find out also how AFS works with schools and educators to promote and advocate for global education. Read about upcoming international conferences you can join, or find out about the recommendations and outcomes of past events for global citizens — Connect brings you all this and more!


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