Global Education Coalition NYC

The Global Education Coalition is a network of NYC-based organizations whose primary objective is to support educators in the New York metropolitan area in creating globally competent youth for tomorrow's future.

Global Kids

 137 East 25th Street

New York, NY 10010


Organizational Mission

Global Kids works to develop youth leaders for the global stage through dynamic global education and leadership development programs.  Global Kids inspires underserved youth to achieve academic excellence, self-actualization and global competency, and empowers them to take action on critical issues facing their communities and our world. Our vision is to create an ever-growing network of young people from diverse backgrounds who attain leadership on all levels of society and enter fields of international affairs and public policy.

Geographic Location for Services

National: New York City and Washington, DC

Target Population

High school students in New York City and Washington, DC

Formal/Informal Education

Inside schools: some programs during the school day, most programs in the after school setting

Educational Services

Key ingredients in all Global Kids youth programs are:

•     International affairs and global education

•     21st Century skill building including problem-solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, and cross-cultural communication

•     Hands-on leadership opportunities through youth led peer education, social action campaigns, service learning projects, digital media production, and internships

•     Exposure to and dialogue with experts, policy makers, and activists

•     Focused college and career exploration

•     Youth development support and mentoring by Global Kids staff

Our program areas include:

•     Leadership in International Affairs and Civic Engagement

•     Creative Arts for Collective Action

•     Harnessing Digital Culture and the Power of Social Media

•     College Counseling and Career Readiness

•     Curriculum, Professional Development, Special Trainings and Consulting Services


Social Media:

Kevin Murungi
Human Rights and Foreign Policy Specialist
(212) 226-0130 ext. 124


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