Global Education Coalition NYC

The Global Education Coalition is a network of NYC-based organizations whose primary objective is to support educators in the New York metropolitan area in creating globally competent youth for tomorrow's future.

One To World

285 West Broadway,. Suite 450

New York, NY 10013


Organizational Mission

One To World’s Global Classroom connects New York City Youth with trained, international university scholars through interactive workshops that engage students in learning about world cultures and global issues. Through face-to-face interactions and meaningful cross-cultural exchange with international leaders of tomorrow, today’s New York City K-12 students develop the skills, awareness, and understanding to become global citizens in their communities, both locally and worldwide.

Our workshops are based on personal exchanges with visiting Fulbright grantees and international university scholars, “Global Guides.” With a Global Classroom educator, they co-lead interactive presentations and use media and technology to enhance the learning experience.  Our educators work directly with program partners, classroom teachers, and afterschool coordinators to tailor our curriculum to schools’ specific needs and interests.

Geographic Location for Services

New York City

Target Population

K-12 students in the New York City area

Formal/Informal  Education

•    In-school and afterschool programming in collaboration with teachers/staff or independently
•    Programs are aligned with the Common Core Standards and NY State Learning Standards

Educational Services

One To World’s Global Classroom offers students curriculum-based learning opportunities focused on an array of cross-cultural themes and global issues.  The following is a sample of Global Classroom’s thematic programs. 

WORLD ARTS, CULTURES, AND TRADITIONS– With Global Guides, students explore art and culture around the world, learning the rich histories and traditions behind them.  Through hands-on activities, students not only gain a greater understanding of others’ cultures, but also a greater appreciation of their own.

WATER– Students investigate water across multiple academic areas and international perspectives, including their own.  Global Guides share personal examples of water issues abroad and students explore similar challenges in New York City.

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP– Global Guides from around the world share different perspectives on civic engagement, shedding light on global issues at a local level.  Students reflect on their identities as global citizens in their own communities and in the world.  Over the course of the program students plan, develop and implement a media product and presentation of their choosing.


Social Media:

Marissa Munn
Director of Global Classroom, One to World
212-431-1195 x22


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