Global Education Coalition NYC

The Global Education Coalition is a network of NYC-based organizations whose primary objective is to support educators in the New York metropolitan area in creating globally competent youth for tomorrow's future.

Partnership for After School Education (PASE)

120 Broadway, Suite 230

New York, NY 10271


Organizational Mission

The Partnership for After School Education (PASE) is a child-focused organization that promotes and supports quality afterschool programs, particularly those serving young people from underserved communities.

Geographic Location for Services

New York City with national reach through on-line resources and national conference presentations

Target Population

Primary: Afterschool educators serving children in grades K-12;
Secondary: Funders, researchers and evaluators, higher education institutions

Formal/Informal Education

•    Professional development workshops and consultations provided for afterschool educators who work at Community Based Organizations (CBOs) or school-run afterschool programs
•    Presentations at national conferences
•    Development of resource materials for afterschool field (arts, summer learning, college prep outcomes, financial literacy, children’s health)


•    Build capacity of afterschool programs through expert training and management support. In the last year alone, PASE trained more than 5,000 afterschool practitioners from group leaders to executive directors on a wide array of topics including supervision, outcomes and assessment, recruitment and retention, academic enrichment, arts programming, literacy, summer learning, global learning, and project-based learning, among many others. Through numerous individualized consultations each year, PASE works with youth-serving agencies of all sizes to help them address short-term challenges and develop internal systems that will make them more sustainable in the long term. By working with these agencies on key issues of infrastructure, leadership, management systems, financial planning, strategic partnerships, and evaluation PASE helps to build a stronger and more resilient afterschool field.

•    Convene diverse groups of stakeholders to develop consensus on priorities and best practices. PASE recognizes the immense value of bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders in afterschool—line staff, program managers, executive directors, parents, community members, funders, policy makers, politicians, academics, experts in related fields—and facilitating productive discussions among them. This promotes collaboration, resource sharing, the incorporation of research into programming, and the spread of best practices within the field. In the last couple of years, PASE has convened groups to discuss such issues as global learning in afterschool, making the case for professional development, and the role of afterschool in the educational trajectory of boys of color.

•    Lead efforts to advance the field as a thought leader and innovator and advocate for providers. PASE’s deep connections to stakeholders within and outside of the field allow it to serve as a valuable conduit for the exchange of information and as a voice for the afterschool field. Through a wide variety of publications and communications materials, PASE captures the findings of research, proven best practices, as well as trends in the field and disseminates them to the individuals and organizations who can implement them.


Social Media:

Delia Kim
Program Director


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