Global Education Coalition NYC

The Global Education Coalition is a network of NYC-based organizations whose primary objective is to support educators in the New York metropolitan area in creating globally competent youth for tomorrow's future.

World Savvy

1304 NE University Ave., #305

Minneapolis, MN 55413


Organizational History/Mission
World Savvy is a national education nonprofit that partners with educators, schools, and districts to ensure students are ready to compete and lead in the 21st century as responsible global citizens and changemakers.

Since 2002, World Savvy has reached over 405,000 youth and nearly 3,000 educators.  By working through teachers, schools, and districts, we affect systemic change. The most profound impact of World Savvy’s programs are evidenced by educator and student engagement – our programs make teaching and learning experiential, and relevant for a changing world.  As a result, students acquire the kind of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that not only prepare them for college, career, and life in a global society, but help them identify as global citizens who are motivated to contribute to peace, justice and sustainability for our world.

Geographic Location for Services
San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York

Target Population
Middle and high school students in the U.S.; in-service K-12 educators in the U.S.

Educational Services

  • Customized Consulting for Districts and Schools: Services that facilitate the systematic integration of global competence education into classrooms and school culture, including: formative assessment, facilitation of district-wide leadership teams and professional learning communities, and global competence pilot programs.
  • World Savvy Classrooms: Professional development for educators with signature projects for students across all disciplines, so that all students build global competence and are inspired to translate knowledge into positive action.
  • The Global Competence Certificate: 15-month, online, graduate-level certificate program, designed to increase the number of educators who can teach for global competence.

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Nirvani Budhram
Director of Partnerships


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